[ploo r-uh l]


1. consisting of, containing, or pertaining to more than one.

2. pertaining to or involving a plurality of persons or things.

3. being one of such a plurality.

[remember to acknowledge where dictionary definition came from]

(plu)ral started out as a student blog founded by Pauline Gan, Luke Chua and Usha

Chandradas, three friends who met in art school while pursuing Master’s degrees in

Asian Art Histories.

[insert old photo of P, L and U]

United by nothing more than a deep love of the arts, a wicked sense of humour and

a burning desire to simplify the jargon of art academia, we started blogging as a way

to reach out to folks like us – people who want a deeper understanding of Asian art,

but don’t care to be mired in arcane technical gobbledygook. With Luke returning to

his day job, the girls have taken hold of the reins and (plu)ral. The Art Mag, was


The art historians reading this might recognise “plurality” as a term that’s bandied

around liberally in essays (note: it’s just a fancy way of saying “difference”). It’s our

name as it encapsulates our founding members’ initials (PLUral, see?) and our

outlook on art writing – we embrace difference and individuality, and the term

reminds us to never use 10 words where just 1 will do!